Alessandra Caceres

"I love to take care of my clients' and friends' skin at my beautiful private studio.

Healthy, beautiful skin it's just a facial away!"

At Lavender Facial Bar, Skin Care is our specialty!

Bringing a variety of treatments, from clinical to luxury facials, we offer the highest quality of personal service in skin care, all dedicated to giving you solutions to your top skin concerns.

We provide personalized consultations and non invasive high-tech treatments customized to your skin needs. - ''I believe that science and nature can coexist and that skin care should be simple, effect it and affordable."

As the owner and esthetician of this spa-boutique, I bring over 15 years of experience in skin care and in the aesthetic field.

I have worked for prestigious dermatologies and exclusives spa- resorts, which allowed me to gain extensive knowledge  in both the medical and the traditional spa experience. 

I have successfully graduated from  Florida College of Natural Health in Miami.

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I love to focus on the natural beauty and that translates in how I see skin care.


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