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I choose this field to make a difference in the way people see and feel about themselves.

I believe that everyone can have beautiful, healthy skin.

By empowering clients with the right lifestyle, nutrition and a customized skin care routine

we can deliver beauty from the inside out.


Self care isn't selfish! 
 "Engaging in a Skin Care routine, it's much more than just looking great. It's about feeling Great!"

I believe extraction is the most important part of the facial and as long as it’s done the

Skin Care

We offer a variety of treatments, from clinical to luxury facials

with the highest quality of personal service in skin care.

Back Facial is an effective deep cleansing that targets your back only._Great for the remo

Body Treatments

Our Body Contouring Treatment is based on Vacuum Therapy, Radio Frequency and Infrared Technology.

Health coaching


All sessions are held 

By Gabriella de Almeida

Organic Vegetables

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Facials are happiness..
I believe extraction is the most important part of the facial and as long as it’s done the
What a great way to end your week💕_Hydration, hydration hydration!✅_Infuse your skin with
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Mandy Andrews

I came to Lavender with a face full of pimples and blackheads thinking I wouldn't be able to have a clean and smooth face. 

But I just have to thank you guys for everything! 

I will keep coming here forever!



Carolina Rodriguez

Taking care of the skin is very important. So whenever I can, I am at  Lavenders for skin treatments. My skin looks amazing. I just love it!


Ketty Hernandez

I Don't know what to say! Alessandra is fantastic in what she does, and I  love how my skin looks! I feel young.

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