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Health coaching programs  
by Gabriella de Almeida

All sessions are held virtually via zoom*

Health Coaching
Initial Consultation

30 min | Complimentary

In this initial session, we will explore where you are currently on your health journey based on your Health History. 

Image by Zoltan Tasi
Initial Consultation

30 Min | Complimentary

Health Coaching
4- Week Program

50-Minutes Weekly 


A one-month program with personalized support using coaching tools targeted to dig deeper into your health goals.

Ideal for those looking to jumpstart their health with weekly support and accountability along the way.

Fruit Market

50 Min Weekly | $375.00

4- Week Program
Health Coaching
3 - Month Program

50 Minutes Bi-Weekly 

An intensive, three month coaching experience designed to transform your lifestyle.  

Ideal for those who prefer long-term support to stay on track.  

Image by Dan Gold
3 - Month Executive Program

50 Min Bi-Weekly | $995

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