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Simply put, cellulite is a result of fat cells becoming larger due to weight gain and toxins stored in the fat cells.

Our Body Contouring Treatment is based on Vacuum Therapy, Radio Frequency and Infrared Technology.

It combines suction and pressure to stimulate the muscles, break down a fat deposit (cellulite), detoxify and improve lymphatic drainage.  Radio Frequency energy creates superficial and deep heat on the connective tissue stimulating collagen, tightening the skin and improving the appearance of cellulite. 


Using leading-edge technology cavitation treatment converts fat cells into liquid which can then be naturally drained by the body's own natural filtration system.  The science behind it uses ultrasound cavitation that creates pressure in the fat cells, which gradually increase and collapse at a certain size.  Because the fat cells don’t have the structural capacity to withstand the vibrations they break down, without damaging the vascular, nervous, and muscular tissue. Treatment is customized to target your area of concern.


Clients are encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and be active in order to obtain the best results.


60-Minute Treatment $150

Cancelation Policy
*Your appointment is important to me.
$50 deposit that goes towards your service is now required when booking
your appointment.
 Please allow 24 hours if you must cancel.
No shows or last-minute cancelation deposits will not be refunded. 
Thank you for your understanding.  

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